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Our ready-to-use DNA ladders are designed to be easy to remember fragments and cover a common using range of DNA sizes. In addition, each ladder contains standard bands and two tracking dyes (xylene cyanol and bromophenol blue) facilitating DNA quantification and optimization of agarose running time. By using our ladders, DNA fragment sizes determination will be fast and accuracy.

Protech launches 3 AqLadder DNA markers 25bp, 100bp and 1kb which fit most of your DNA electrophoresis experiments. AqLadders are made of special-designed plasmid digested by restriction enzymes and quantified by GE GeneQuantTM 1300 spectrophotometer and can be used in DNA electrophoresis quantification. 25bp AqLadder treated with PEG8000 is free of backbone DNA that contains blunt-end bands with accurate molecular weights which provides sharp bands image during high resolution electrophoresis.


Category Product Name Catalog # Package              Price          
DNA marker AQ-Ladder™ Bio-25bp DNA ladder PT-M1-25 500 µl  
AQ-Ladder™ Bio-100bp Ladder PT-M1-100T 250 µl  
1kb Ladder PT-M1-1KB 400 rxns  
AQ-Ladder™ Bio-1kb Mass DNA Ladder PT-M5-1KB 500 µl  
Lambda/Hind III+EcoR I Marker      PT-MK16A-100UG 100 µg  
PT-MK16A 500 µg  
Accessory 6X Loading Dye PT-6X-DYE 1 ml  


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