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DNA/RNA Purification Products




Nucleic acid purification now is a procedure with high standard requirement to generate the best quality data for future analysis. PROtech offers a series of kits for nucleic acid purification from various sources of samples, including bacteria, plant, mammalian cell, tissue and blood.

Purified DNA and RNA samples are molecular biology grade and ready for directly use in all application, including sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion, ligation, labeling, PCR, and RT-PCR.  

From DNA purification to RNA purification, our products could make your experiments more consistent and efficiency.



Category Product Name Catalog # Package Price
DNA Purification Gene-Spin Genomic DNA Kit PT-GD112 50 tests  
Plant Genomic DNA Kit PT-PGDNA 50 tests  
EasyExtract DNA Extraction Solution PT-EQ-D050 50 ml  
Gene-Spin Miniprep Purification Kit PT-MP530-V2 50 tests  
PT-MP530-XL 250 tests  
1-4-3 DNA Extraction Kit PT-DNA143 50 tests  
PT-DNA143-XL-V2 250 tests  
RNA Purification REzol C&T PT-KP200CT 200 ml  
Gene-Spin Total RNA Purification Kit PT-RNA-MS 50 tests  
Gene-Spin Human Blood Total RNA Purification Kit PT-RNA-BL 50 tests  
Gene-Spin Plant Total RNA Purification Kit PT-RNA-PL 50 tests  
RNA Separation Solution PT-KP040 40 ml  
RNA Keeper Tissue Sample Storage
PT-R485-100ML 100 ml  
PT-R485-500ML 500 ml  
RNase/DNase Terminator PT-R475-100ML 100 ml  
PT-R475-500ML 500 ml  
Enzyme R.T.U Proteinase K PT-BL003 1.25 ml
at 20 mg/ml
Accessory Gene-Spin Column + Collection Tube PT-MPC-S 50 ea  
  UltraPure DEPC Water PT-P560 500 ml  
  UltraPure Water PT-P570 500 ml  



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