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The SuperRun RT-PCR Mix is a ready to use RT-PCR mixture of specific target gene from either total RNA or mRNA. The mix simplifies the procedure and reduces the potential for sample contamination. Therefore, this mix offers a convenient and reproducible analysis of RNAs in one tube. It is supplied as single PCR tube -20°C stored package containing lyophilized mixture of MMLV reverse transcriptase and HotStartTaq DNA polymerase, tracking dyes and all the other components needed for RT-PCR reaction. MMLV reverse transcriptase has weak RNase H activity compared to AMV reverse transcriptase and made it a better RT enzyme for full-length cDNA synthesis. Users only have to add primers, template, and water to a final volume of 20 μl to have a complete RT-PCR reaction mix. The amplified DNA fragments will generate a 3’ A-overhang that can be cloned by TA or GC cloning. After RT-PCR program finished, the presence of premixed dyes, red (~600 bp on 2% agarose gel) and yellow (~50 bp on 2% agarose gel), allows users to directly load the reaction mix onto the agarose gel for DNA electrophoresis.



• Ready-to-use RT-PCR master mix

• Lyophilized

• MMLV reverse transcriptase

• Directly gel loading



mRNA quantitation

cDNA cloning

One step RT-PCR


Storage Condition

-20 °C


Order Information

SuperRun RT-PCR Kit

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96 rxns


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