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“HP High Performance Pfu DNA Polymerase” is a recombinant, thermostable, modified DNA polymerase from Pyrococcus furiosus. This enzyme is recombinant Pfu according to the published gene sequence. The reaction temperature of this enzyme is 68°C. The elongation rate is ~1/2 to Taq DNA polymerase (Pfu is ~500 bp/min; Taq is ~1 kb/min). It can easily amplify up to 5 kb specific DNA fragment from lambda DNA, and 1-2 kb specific DNA fragment from Human genomic DNA.



• 5' 3' DNA Polymerase Activity

• 3' 5' Exonuclease Activity (Proofreading)



DNA cloning experiment


Storage Condition

-20 °C


Order Information

Pfu DNA Polymerase

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250 U (5 U/µl)


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