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The SuperRun PCR Mix is a ready to use PCR mixture for all PCR applications. It offers a convenient, reproducible PCR mix that minimizes the multiple handling steps associated with setting up a PCR. It is supplied as single PCR tube -20°C stored package containing lyophilized mixture of Taq DNA polymerase, reaction buffer, dNTPs, MgCl2, stabilizers, and tracking dyes in each tube. It can amplify up to 5kb specific DNA fragment from lambda DNA. Users only have to add primers, template and water to a final volume of 25 μl to have a complete PCR reaction mix. After PCR program finished, the presence of premixed dyes, Xylene Cyanol EF and Bromophenol Blue, allows users to directly load the PCR reaction mix onto the agarose gel for DNA electrophoresis.



• Ready-to-use PCR master mix

• Lyophilized

• Directly gel loading



General PCR

PCR screening


Storage Condition

-20 °C


Order Information

SuperRun PCR Mix

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96 rxns


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