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  R.T.U Proteinase K, 20 mg/ml  



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This enzyme was named Proteinase K with respect its keratin hydrolyzing activity. Proteinase K is a serine endopeptidase isolated from Tritirachium album. Proteinase K is used to degrade the enzyme such as microbial or mammalian DNase and RNase suitable from microbial or mammalian cells during cell digests. It is not only activated by 0.5~1% SDS or urea in pH range of 4.3~12.0 but also can be stability with Ca++.



• High purity

• 20 mg/ml (50% glycerol)



DNase and RNase inactivation


Storage Condition

-20 °C


Order Information

R.T.U Proteinase K

Catalog NO.


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1.25 ml at 20 mg/ml


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